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Non-Surgical Nose Surgery: The Pros And Cons Of The Procedure

For some time now, cosmetologists have learned to use injectables (for example, hyaluronic acid gels) to correct the profile in less than 15 minutes. We learned from the experts all the intricacies of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Most fillers have a temporary effect (from three months to two years, depending on the type of preparation chosen).

Many do not understand why injections are needed if the result is fleeting. For example, Volumema lasts for a year and a half. Once the drug dissolves, many switch to Bellafill (collagen-based injections commonly used to treat acne scars). The effect after its introduction lasts for years.

Correction methods

Botulinum toxin injections

In people with advanced nasal muscles, the tip of the nose usually drops downward (called a “drooping” nose). Botulinum toxin relaxes the mimic muscles and blocks the appearance of wrinkles. Modern formulations of the drug are practically safe, but there are individual contraindications.

If there is a drooping of the tip of the nose when smiling or talking, it would be better to inject botulinum toxin into the muscle that lifts the upper lip and the wing of the nose,

Pros: there is no rehabilitation after the procedure; there are practically no contraindications. As a result, the correction is very delicate.

Cons: it is impossible to radically correct the shape of the nose.
Filler injections

With a low bridge of the nose and bridge of the nose, filler injections are a more effective and simple way to correct the shape.

Pros: less traumatic, fast, effective with a low bridge of the nose and bridge of the nose.

Cons: they cannot be used to make the tip sharper, lift it, get rid of the hump and narrow the wide nose.


If there were a pain scale, then Botox would be at the very bottom (you barely feel the pricks), injections in the cheek would be located closer to the top. Lip injections are somewhere in between. And what about non-surgical nose surgery? All experts say it is almost painless. However, even ordinary ice helps.


The advantages of non-surgical plastic surgery are obvious: a “new” nose without anaesthesia and scalpel, quick rehabilitation and relatively low cost. But even the seemingly safe methods have disadvantages. All injections are a risk. Swelling, bruising, and bleeding may occur.